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Tempy's Top Tips


Tempy's Top Tips 


Choosing the Right Domain Name?

>> Easy to Type & Remember

Choose a simple, easy to type, say and remember domain name

Make it easy for people to remember your website address. 

Confusing spellings & long domains are a no no. eg.


>> Make it Unique

Choosing a dom ain that is unique to your business is important. Having a domain confused with well known websites already owned by your competitor is a recipe for disaster! Avoid plurals, hyphens or misspellings.


>> Keyword Focused

Incorporating keywords relative to your business can help you reach the right clickers!

eg. We offer SEO services, so it helps to have a domain with this keyword in it.


>> .ie or .com...

Your target market & domain availability will determine your choice with this. Irish customers feel more assured dealing with .ie websites as .ie registrations require proof that you are trading in Ireland.


Choose your domain names carefully!