Email Marketing Packages

Email Marketing is an effective way for you to reach your customers existing customers and target new business.

When looking towards email marketing as a means to build customer loyalty or generate new business it is important to understand how this works and understand the best ways to email market your business.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves sending emails to your clients, this is a form of direct marketing. Whether it is a newsletter, special offer, monthly deal or simply useful information, you choose what message you want to send. Email marketing helps build customer loyalty and raises brand awareness for your business.

Often if clients read something interesting about your business they might forward it to a friend, now you have built potential new clients very easily and of course affordably!


Why Choose Email Marketing? 

  • Target existing or new customers quickly & easily
  • Easily Create an Email, includes custom template design
  • Manage large lists of Email Addresses
  • Generate new business by emailing 
  • Affordable & Measured Results
  • Build Brand Recognition quickly
  • Analyze & Track Email Campaigns Easily 


How Much Does it Cost?

Size and Frequency - these are the two key factors that will affect price.

Want to Start Sending an Email Campaign - Contacting Us Now


It just Works!

"We have seen great results from our email marketing campaigns. Ignite helped us setup the right sales boosting emails, within a few minutes we had new sales!",



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